Welcome to Golf’s Most Exciting Social Media Network

Welcome to Golf’s Most
Exciting Social Media Network

About us

NE14GLF is a worldwide social media portal that caters to the golfing community exclusively. Our focus is on the individual golfer to build their golfing network. NE14GLF creates a spark of energy that brings back the fun in golf by connecting golfers online, building new relationships, discovering new golf courses, getting one of a kind deals, finding the right professional, and much much more. Welcome to golf's most exciting social media network - Any One For Golf?

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Find Exclusive Deals

Get Your Golfon - A Golfon is similar to a Groupon, only it specifically relates to everything about golf. Members can take advantage of coupons for reduced golf course rates, discounted retail products, lesson package specials, and travel incentives.

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Search for Pros

Find Your Pro - Find and connect with thousands of specialized professionals across the country that use diverse methods to bring your game to the highest level. Use our unique search engine FORE! to get started now.

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Discover New Courses

Play New Courses - Discover the hottest courses and connect with others that play them wherever you are. Whether travelling or staying local, there is bound to be a new course to explore. Use our specialized search engine FORE! to get started now.

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Connect with Golfers

FORE! Whether you are looking to play golf with individuals or want to join a competitive group you can grow your social network by requesting similar golfers to play based on handicap or style of play. As you finish a round of golf, post your score to watch your scoring average update automatically.

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